Hello, Hello I missed you all

Hello all my lovely Blogland Friends

I know, I’m sorry I did another disappearing act from Blogland for a few months. I needed to take a break from a few things for a while. I’ve been taking some time out to re-evaluate my life. It’s that mid-life transition thing again!

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I have been busy though.


I have made some changes and additions to my Life List. Watch this space. I will be sharing with you all as I tick things off the list.

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I have been reflecting on my values and finding some new interests and passions.

I’ve written some new life goals, made an action plan and I am trying to commit to some new habits.


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I’ve been on a Woodland Retreat – this was sooooooo lovely.

Photos and more details of my retreat experience to follow.




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I am currently getting ready to go away on a course for a couple of weeks. I am really excited to be doing a Diploma in Plant Medicine.

This course is something I have been wanting to do for a few years but work always got in the way.

As part of the course I will also be spending a day on a Tree Bathing Course – it’s sounds blissful.

Fingers crossed for some nice weather!


I’ve been evaluating my life and making decisions about my career etc. I know it all sounds very organised and grown up. I now have some new directions in my life and have the time and space to get back to enjoying Blogland. I‘m really looking forward to catching up with you all.

How are you? What have you been up to? What have I missed? What’s been your favourite post from your blog in the last few months? Please share a link below so I can check it out. 





40 Things From Being 40 Years Old

If you’ve read my ‘About Me’ page you will know that last year I turned 40. So as my year of being 40 comes to a close and becomes my year of being 41,  I thought it would be a good time to take stock.

It’s been a good year all in all. Here’s some of the things I’ve learnt and discovered from being 40 years old –Read More »

What’s the value in reading fiction?

One of my tasks/ goals for 2016 was to read more – I Spy Book Challenge 2016 

I’m a fan of audio books. I regularly listen on my mp3 – walking the dog, doing housework, soaking in the bath and in bed before sleep. Listening to books is going great – it’s reading books that is not quite going to plan.

I have a small bookcase seriously over flowing with fiction books. There are some books I am looking forward to reading. But I just don’t seem to be making time in my life to read books. Admittedly, when I have free time to read, there is now a tendency to go to my WordPress Reader to explore other people’s blogs and support my fellow bloggers. In the modern world there is a a lot of options for escapism and distraction – the massive world of the internet, box sets, films galore and of course blogs, blogs and more blogs. I want to find space in my life for books.

In an attempt to remind myself of the value of reading fiction, I am exploring the benefits of reading fiction. Read More »

The Reality Slap. Finding Fulfillment.

The Reality Slap

Summary The first thing to say about this book is – great title.Who hasn’t experienced   those moments when reality pops up and gives you a good old slap. The premise is that there is a gap between the reality we have and the reality we want. The bigger the gap, the more difficult life can be. Sitting in the gap, will have you dwelling negatively on the past or anxiously worrying about the future. The book offers some really useful thoughts and ideas about how to live with the gap without getting stuck in it.

10 Useful Things I’ve Learnt

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