The Benefits of Therapeutic Baths

Since the beginning of time, bathing in water has been essential to health and peace of mind. As early as the third century, bathing emporiums quickly became the fashion. A hot bath is the original “hydrotherapy” (water treatment) and is still one the most accessible. In our busy, modern lives it’s easy to opt for a quick shower rather than investing time in having a long, soak in the bath.

For me therapeutic baths are a really beneficial tool for health and well-being. I am now making therapeutic baths part of my weekly routine.Read More »

Fridays – I need them like oxygen

As some of you know, I started a new job in January. I’m using my skills, experience and expertise while having lots of new challenges. It’s a great organisation and a great team. It all sounds just lovely doesn’t it?

However, I have inherited a bit of a mess with issues and problems, which as a manger it’s my job to resolve. Then of course there is the the huge workload. I can spend 5 hrs a day in meetings, often do not get a lunch break and have to stay late to get work done.

I keep reminding myself,  prior to starting the job, I’d been incredibly ill and stuck in bed for 2 weeks. So it’s no surprise that by Thursday evening my brain and body are totally done in.Read More »

Is Energy Management the Key to Overcoming Exhaustion?

Energy Management
For what seems like a lifetime I have had a very up and down relationship with my own energy. Sometimes it’s up but a lot of the time it’s down. At times I have been seriously exhausted. 

I’ve spent hours searching and looking for possible causes, I’ve had the tests and followed the advice. I’ve read lots of stuff, some of it useful. Some of it has really helped (I’ll share some of that in future posts) but still the problem continued.

I see those people who seem to have boundless, uber levels of energy and those people who seem to fit a million things into a day. I’ve felt envious and wondered – what’s wrong with me?

We all have 7 days in a week and 24hrs in a day.

Is the answer to manage my time better, just try to get more done and keep on going?Read More »