Four Little Finds

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So I know I have missed loads of interesting posts from you all in Blogland in the last few months – sorry folks!

Here at Cultivating Time it’s share time. Here are some little finds that have grabbed my attention in the last few weeks –

There’s been a lot of political stuff in the press and on social media – please be assured this is election free and a respite from politics.

The 8th of June was a big day here in the UK as we had our election, It was also World Oceans Day 2017. Anyone who visits beaches will have seen evidence of the damage we are causing our oceans with plastic. This video is great at raising our awareness of the harms. I can’t seem to embed this video but I encourage you to click through to the link. Please, reduce, re-use and recycle –

See How It Feels to Be an Ocean Animal Stuck in a Plastic Bag

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Shopping for Time

I am a bit of a book buyer. I probably have enough books to last me about 3 years. Yet I still find myself being sucked into book shops and feel compelled to buy books. Some time ago I saw this quote and it got me thinking.

Is this what underlies my booking buying? I think it might be. I do find myself sometimes looking longingly at my bookshelves, hoping for some free time just to sit and read books. I think there is a part of me that thinks that by buying books, it will somehow magically create the time in my life to read them.

It’s not just my book buying habits that can be explained by this desire. I think it may explain some of my other shopping habits too. The other items that I often feel compelled to buy are handcraft things. I have a decent amount of card making and decopatch supplies and I still find myself occasionally buying some more. I never seem to have the time to actually use them but I still really want to. I have recently spent quite a bit of time shopping on line for a lovely range of handcraft supplies – felting kit, pompom makers, lots of colourful buttons, more decopatch and card making supplies and the list goes on…………Read More »

Crayons for Grown Ups

As part of #coloryourworld challenge, I have a new found appreciation of all things crayon.

There is some amazing things you can do with crayons.

Using thousands of melted and chopped-up Crayloa crayons, Herb Williams, creates vibrant life-size sculptures that loom large with bold colors and textures as part of his Call of the Wild exhibition.

I wanted to share these amazing sculptures as part of the 120 Days of Crayola challenge. You have to admire this use of crayons.

In one of his most recent exhibitions, Call of the Wild, the artist constructed sculptures inspired by nature, including crows perching on a bright tree

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