January Reflections

January was a busy month for books. You can check out what I read and my ratings in my recent post The Book Nook.

So what else did I do in January?

What I watched –

Image result for planet earth 2

I finally got caught up with Planet Earth 2. Every episode was absolutely amazing. By far the best wildlife/nature series I have seen. I was enthralled by every episode. So many fascinating animals, so much amazing footage. Wonderful animals. Wonderful world.

Rated – 

Image result for good girls revolt


A series about a landmark 1970 workplace-equality lawsuit to tackle taken gender discrimination. It is based on a nonfiction book by Lynn Povich. The series is driven by it’s range of female characters and how they support each other in life and to take a stand. It doesn’t just cover the workplace oppression but gender roles in the home, marriage, sex, contraception, and the media portrayal of women. Sadly it does not look like there will be a second series. I would still recommend this series. I would really liked to have seen the story progress beyond the issuing of the complaint. I am cynical in the current economic climate about the reasons why a second series has not been commissioned.

Rated – 

Image result for “Injustice hurts good girls revolt quote

What I did I –

Image result for otley chevin steps


I went on my first Group Walk. It was a really positive experience, an easy 6 miles and I met some lovely people.

The very steep climb with these steps at the end was quite hard going though. It felt like they were going on forever.





I had a go at using my new spiralizer. I made seafood courgette.

I know it doesn’t look that appealing but it was actually really tasty. I will be making it again.

Image result for tai chi quotes



My main focus for January was getting back into exercising. I have been regularly attending mindful yoga and hydrojog. I have also started a qi gong and  thi chi class. It’s more difficult than it looks but it’s very beneficial. Have you tried thi chi?

Image result for library volunteer


Like a lot of public services, our local library is now depending on volunteers to keep the service open. Where the Library Assistant was a paid job, it is no longer being funded. I have started my training to support my local library and to become a Volunteer Library Assistant.


What I am looking forward to in February – 

I am hoping to do another Group Walk. I will hopefully take some more photos on future walks.

It’s Birthday month in our house. We usually go away for a little holiday but this year we might wait for March. I will need to think of something else nice to do instead. Any ideas?

I have quite a bit of training and e-learning to do for the library so that will keep me busy too.

What have been your highlights from January?

What are you looking forward to in February?


17 thoughts on “January Reflections

  1. Sounds like a wonderful journey you had in January.
    February is birthday month over here too. Not my birthday but my family and friends.
    So it is a month of saying I LOVE YOU, baking Lava Cakes with Vanilla Ice Cream. Hikes through the snow (when we have any) and peaking out the window asking the Sun Light: ” Is it Spring yet?”
    I also tried Zumba and it is a lot of fun. But since I am more of a solitary exerciser I run the treadmill and tried some other things instead.
    Happy February.
    Big Hugs from across the Ocean.

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  2. Im glad you enjoyed your walk and the Library training sounds good. So sad that Library assistant is no longer a paid job though. What a shame. :( Happy Birthday for this month. I hope you find something fun to do.Maybe find that Nordic cafe in Harrogate or Bettys for Afternoon Tea. And relaxing spa treatments at the Baths in Harrogate.X

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  3. I loved Planet Earth 2 as well, a fabulous series.

    I’m looking forward to the evenings getting lighter during February, Spring flowers beginning to bloom and warmer days getting nearer. We have a half day’s falconry experience planned for later in the month, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!

    Have a lovely February.

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  4. Volunteering at the library sounds interesting. I haven’t seen ours advertising but I think I’d enjoy it. All those books to play with :) I’ve done t’ai chi for about 10 years and I really enjoy it. Zumba is great too, but a bit strenuous. :)
    How about a visit to a museum you’ve not tried for the birthday/s? There are so many now and the presentations are usually really good. Have a good time, whatever you choose! :)

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  5. What a lovely January recap, Debra! I’ve not watched either of the shows you mentioned, but they do both sound good. That photograph you took of the outdoors stairs in the woods is really stunning! It does look as though it goes on forever. I’ve not tried thi chi, but it looks meditative. I am a big runner, but lately I’ve been trying to temper that with more mindful stretching and weight training – my husband and I even started doing P90 (not P90x though!).

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    • I would recommend the TV shows but I know you don’t really watch TV. Ten outdoor stairs were hard going. I was very relieved to get to the top. I’m determined to get back to running. I’m still recovering from my first run. It’s get the muscles used to it again that’s the challenge. I’ve not heard of P90.

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  6. Sounds like you had a good month. Wasn’t Planet Earth amazing? Yes. I’ve tried tai chi and you’re right, it’s not as easy as it looks. These days I’m more into Zumba. Have a great February.

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    • Yes Planet Earth was amazing. I’ve done zumba in the past – enjoyed it. The class includes qi gong and this chi. I prefer qi gong. I will probably keep that up at home following YouTube. I’ve always wanted to try this chi so I’m glad I got chance to do the it. Now the weather is a bit better I’m moving onto running.

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