January Changing Seasons

Here in the northern hemisphere, we are in the midst of the coldest season of the year. Although we have passed the shortest day, our days are still short and post the festive season, the darkness and the cold can feel pervading. However, we can still have bright and beautiful days. Nature is still at work. We also got a sprinkling of snow for a couple of days. Sharing some of my January seasonal images –



One of my new bog challenges for 2017 is to participate in a monthly photo challenge –

The Changing Seasons by Cardinal Guzman



14 thoughts on “January Changing Seasons

  1. What a nice post! January has been cold and grey here in Liverpool. Though the nights are getting brighter, winter still seems to have it’s grasp on the world, though I have seen signs of spring, snowdrops poking through the soil, and Magpies collecting material for their nests. It won’t be long before spring and summer is here, but yes, we should embrace winter. Thanks for the inspiration, though we have not seen any snow here this year! :( We have still February!! :D

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    • Thank you. Yes, winter is hopefully on the way out. I can here bird song at with the slightly lighter nights. Am I right in thinking you don’t tend to get much snow in Liverpool with being close to the coast? I live near the Yorkshire Dales so we can get ‘proper’ snow sometimes.


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