Making Memory Jam

Okay so maybe I’m getting old (41 and counting) but the years seem to be passing by so quickly. Where is time going? Who is sneaking in and stealing my life?

After a few difficult years and some loss, I am feeling very positive about 2017. I have lots of good things to look forward to.

One of the benefits of blogging is that it provides a tool for reflecting on your life. Some of my fellow bloggers had lovely posts summarising their 2016.

This year I am going to making memory jam. Memory jam you ask – is this some old family recipe? Not quite. I am sure there will be some family in there and lots of other great things too. I have decorated a big jar with some little crafty bits –


As the year progresses,  I will be filling this jar with my great memories. 


At the end of the year, I will have a lovely collection of memories. I will put some special time aside to empty my jar, read and reflect, on my good memories from 2017.Winnie the Pooh and Cristopher Robin: Do you have a way of recording your special moments and good memories?

What fun are you planning this year that will make up your memory jam? 


15 thoughts on “Making Memory Jam

  1. What a lovely idea. I keep two journals, one on here and one on paper that is more personal. I tend to take lots of pictures and at the years end I make a short video of all that has happened to me, the sad times but mostly the good. It’s quite surprising how much happiness passes you by and you tend to focus on the bad. Good luck with your memory jam, and I hope you fill the jars up with many happy memories xx

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  2. I’m so inspired to do this myself.With a busy schedule its so easy to get carried away by it,without savoring the simple joys of life.I am so happy seeing your small steps for a new you this year! Looking forward for your year end post about the contents of this jar.
    Keep on writing!

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