Is it too soon for daffodils?

Daffodils are my favourite flower. I love to fill my home with them. Daffodils fill my heart with joy. They make me feel happy and hopeful. Yes – I’m a big fan. I’m not alone, I think this guy likes daffodils –

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and his guy liked his daffodils too –

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William Wordsworth’s much loved poem captures the magic of this humble flower. So here’s my dilemma with the beautiful daffodil – whilst doing some shopping, I saw buckets of daffodils poised to bloom. I thought “Oooooooooooo daffodils, lovely”. I reached out to take two bunches. Then I stopped and thought, “wait a minute, it’s the beginning of January.”

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One of the reasons I love daffodils is because they are so symbolic of spring. Spring is my favourite season (March to May in the UK). I like to acknowledge and celebrate the coming of spring with daffodils. I don’t want my daffodils at the beginning of January. Any day now, supermarkets will start stock piling Easter Eggs (that’s a whole other thing). I want to embrace the seasons, enjoy them and everything that each season brings.

What do you think? Is is too soon for daffodils?

Do you see in value in living within the seasons? Are you ever tempted to deviate from the season because of something you enjoy?

I’m saving my daffodils for spring!



14 thoughts on “Is it too soon for daffodils?

  1. I bought tulips the other week! Seems we are seeing spring flowers in the supermarkets earlier and earlier. One year we did have Christmas daffodils, that was a particular mild winter. Love the Wordsworth poem, I made a video reciting the poem in places in the Lake District, I’ll add the link to this comment, so you can have a look. Hope you enjoy xx

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  2. I love daffodils too. But sometimes it’s nice to keep the anticipation high, gives us something to look forward to. This goes for flowers in bloom too I think. Waiting until they blossom. 🌹

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