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So folks, I’m taking this year seriously – what I mean is – I’m giving it my all. I know what I want and I know what I need to do. I’ve even set aside some time to make it all happen. I am planning and working on turning the plans into actions.

One thing I have been trying to take up for several years is journaling.  Each new year I buy a nice little diary to write my gratitude lists for each day. It rarely sticks beyond a couple of weeks, then I start to forget and eventually give up. But  you know what, I’m not giving up on the idea. This year I have ditched the little diary. I have treated myself to this lovely A4 size journal and week planner –


It’s all lovely, fresh and new. I almost don’t want to use it!

At the front are some journal prompts – daily, weekly, monthly plan ideas and reflections.

At the back are some logs – dreams, travel & adventure, activities, crafts, projects, reading, music and favourite quotes.

This will be my first quote –Image result for fill your paper with the breathings of your heart

It’s filled with these pages – weekly, monthly and notes with quotes




I’m hoping that the size, the combination of planning and journaling and the sheer loveliness will encourage and remind me to keep it up.

Now it’s time make a nice cup of tea, pick up my colourful fine pens and get writing.

Do you write gratitude lists? Are you an avid journal writer?

How do you keep a track of your plans and goals?


26 thoughts on “Breathe Journal

  1. I have had my breathe journal for a few weeks now. Finding it difficult to get started because I can’t decide what to use the different sections on the pages for. Any ideas to get me started?

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    • Sorry for such a late reply to your comment. I’ve been having a bit of a break from blogging but I am back now. I use a section for a gratitude list, the weekly bit I keep a record of the things I have achieved etc. In the their sections I record insights, learning, bits of self awareness. I hope that helps. Are you still using the journal Alison?


  2. What a lovely diary! Will have to look out for one of them next year! I have kept a journal since I was 16! A looooong time! lol. Some days I write more than others. I also have a calendar to write important events and dates on. I love planning! I have also started writing one thing I am grateful for each day, there is already a lot of repetition, but it does make you think, ‘has the day been all bad? What did I do well?’ Good luck with your journalling (if that’s even a word!) I hope it helps you keep thoughts and ideas in one place. It’s a lovely diary, I’m jealous! :p

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  3. You’re going to absolutely love writing in your journal. This is my sixth year that I’ve kept a Gratitude Journal. Writing in it is the very last thing I do each night before I go to bed. Enjoy your gorgeous book, trust me it will become your new best friend.

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    • Hi Shirley thanks for commenting. Yes, I have been ‘collecting’ stuff for a few years (art stuff, craft stuff, jigsaws, books, colouring books) and never making the time to use them. This year I’m not buying, I’m focused on using and enjoying the stuff I’ve got. I really don’t need anymore stuff!


  4. Looks a great idea. Where did you get it? I usually get a nice cath kidston diary for planning ( has lots of useful blank pages for notes too) but have not got one for this year. However i do have a tiny diary and about a million notebooks! So I have put one in each of my bags , just in case.:) If you like making lists then The Listography Book are really nice and I have a Travel Listography Book.That reminds me, I must update it!

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    • I spotted it in M&S in the small magazine section. Breathe is a well-being magazine. I’ve never bought the magazine, although it’s very appealing looking. I generally don’t buy magazines but I couldn’t resist the journal. I’ll definitely check out the Listography Travel Book. Thanks for the tip.

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  5. Ooh nice journal. I have a Q&A journal I write in everyday. It’s basically a question everyday for 5 years, so after 5 years, I can see my answers for the same questions that I answer once a year! I got it in November, and I planned to write about it on my blog and why to get it, but I might write about some other stuff ,too!

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      • I think you might find it truly magical if you would get a drawing pad as a second journal and draw like no one is watching. Try with your non dominant hand and you would be amazed how the Goddess within emerges . It is good exercise. Hugs

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      • I have a few artist journal pads but never actually used them. I have been accumulating art/craft stuff for a few years without actually making the time to use them. Thanks for the encouragement. I will put some time aside to do some drawings. A few years ago I started but I didn’t keep it up. Do you ever put your drawings on your blog?


      • I think if you collected these materials your soul wants to tell you something.
        I have some drawings on my website and now I am trying to refresh my website so I could put more of myself out there.
        sometimes I thought to post few drawings here and there . Maybe I will sometime.

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      • Yes – I am putting time aside to make use of some of the stuff I have collected. It would be nice to see more personal stuff from you on your blog. I’ve just spent some time refreshing my blog. It’s been worth doing.


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