Little Treasures from Blogland – December

I was very late to the party in December, sneaking back to Blogland just before the month was out. However, I have been busy catching up on all your posts. I’m sure I’ve missed some interesting stuff. Here are some of the highlights I did manage to catch up on –

In Winter’s Embrace by Cobgoddess – some beautiful photos capturing the beauty of December.

Just a Little Stroll Christine Lucas – it was more than just a stroll. A walk in Wales with some amazing views.

Hello My Name Is by Charlotte @Mosaicca  – a very interesting topic for a post that got people talking.

The Legend of the Wookey Witch by Jo @Dark Hauntings – a spooky tale

TIME LAPSE OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS by The Path Less Travelled – a little video of the beautiful and magical northern lights – amazing.

HYGGE AND ENJOYING THE WINTER MONTHS by Sunshine and Celandines – an inspiring post about how to bring more hygge to the winter days ahead.

The future is here, almost by Halfbananas – a witty round up of the year and the future to come.

When St. Nicholas beats Santa Claus by JustBlueDutch – sharing some different and interesting festive traditions from across the world.

Thanks for all the great posts. I’m sorry I missed some.

Here’s to a great 2017 in Blogland. I’m looking forward to following all your blogs.

What’s your favourite post from December? Have you discovered something new or learnt something interesting from someone else’s blog? Please share.













14 thoughts on “Little Treasures from Blogland – December

    • Thanks for following me. I haven’t had time to look in detail at your blog but I will soon. Yes it can be time consuming keeping up with people’s blog posts. I think it’s the best way to make ‘blog friends’. I really enjoy connecting with fellow bloggers.


    • Thank you too for following my blog. I will explore your blog more soon but I’m looking forward to seeing your posts in my reader. Yes it can be time consuming keeping up with other people’s posts but I enjoy connecting with fellow bloggers and making ‘blogging friends’.

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