Brain shrinkage & 10 other signs it’s time to quit

For about 8 months I have been suffering from work related stress. My body and brain has been telling me for some time that life was not going well and I was done in. We all have to deal with stress and stress can be a good thing. However, there is a tipping point when stress becomes damaging. At the point when you are seriously effecting your health and well-being, it’s time to do something about it.

Image result for brain size

Stress really can have serious effects on your brain, including brain shrinkage. Aaaaaaahhhhh! My brain is shrinking!

You can find yourself trapped in a cycle of stress.  It can also cause other long term health issues, like depression and Alzheimer’s.




Modern life puts huge pressure on all of us and we can easily fall into a trap. You can keep going but it will take it’s toll. Do not ignore long term stress.

Here are some of the other signs & symptoms I realised I could no longer ignore –


  1. You spend all weekend feeling exhausted. From Sunday afternoon onward you are filled with dread about the working week ahead
  2. You are existing not living.
  3. You start to fantasise about being made redundant
  4. Your nights are plagued by thoughts about work and you wake up bombarded with yet more thoughts.
  5. You keeping getting ill and never fully recovering
  6. Your family and friends are advising you to quit.
  7. Everything feels like hard work
  8. You are not prioritising your own health and well being
  9. The workload is unmanageable and the targets un-achievable
  10. You have asked your employers for support and nothing has really changed


What are your experiences of work related stress? Have you ever quit a job due to stress? It would be great to here how you have bounced back from any periods of prolonged stress.










12 thoughts on “Brain shrinkage & 10 other signs it’s time to quit

    • I can imagine this must have been very difficult for you. It takes a long time to recover. I think I left just in time. I was able to see the situation deteriorating and with help from a lifecoach, my family and friends I decided to put my health first. I think it will take me a little while to find my feet but I feel really positive. New year – new life. I’m glad to hear you found a job more conducive to a good life.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about this struggle. Yes, stress can damage you, and it’s a good thing that you are able to see its signs, that’s a good start.
    I don’t know exactly how you will overcome this stage,but I am with you, in my thoughts I feel you.
    It’s your own battle so I am wishing you all the strength and sanity to never lose hope.
    Things will have people around you, closer to you…and I hope that this time you will be renewed and you feel loved.
    May this holiday finds you well soon.
    I still want to know you more in the coming year, so I am sending all my warm thoughts.

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