July Little Treasures

It’s that time again, where I feel compelled to share some of the great posts I found in July on other people’s blogs in Blogland.

Labyrinth Garden and Wandertag – enjoy this beautiful garden

Sunday Sevens – remember to check those feet before you leave the house!

‘Wild’in Art – amazing. I love this post.

Nihilism as Motivation – a thought provoking post

The Cannons in Neues Schloss – something a bit different

The Things We Leave Behind – another thought provoking post, with a great quote.

Petrification Myths: The Rollright Stones Complex – a real interesting post

Bowland Beer Hall Clitheroe – mmmmmm I want to visit this place

Growing Happiness Through a Gratitude Journal That Lets the Good In – what a great idea to help in developing gratitude

Let me know if you have spotted a post you enjoyed or a new blog you have decided to follow. Let’s keep supporting each other’s work fellow Bloglanders. 

I’m  sorry to have missed some of your posts at the end of July. If you’ve  written something  you think I would like, please add a link at the bottom so I can check it out. Thank you


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