Going Colourtastic – Screen Freedom

Screen Freedom  is another new category for Cultivating Time. Screen Freedom is about exploring activities that will give me a break from using a screen.

Our modern day lifestyles feel like they revolve around the use of technology and screen based devices. My work-life includes daily use of a laptop and a work mobile phone. The world of the internet does include some amazing, fascinating stuff but it’s easy to get lost on the internet and it definitely swallows time. I can easily loose myself for a whole evening. There are some times when my brain and my body is seeking time away from screens and technology. This is one of the main reasons I read paperback fiction books as apposed to e-reader devices.

So for my first post on the theme of Screen Freedom I am exploring the current popular activity of colouring. Yes folks, its time to embrace your inner colourtastic (made up word but I like it!)

I very happy about that the adult world has finally embraced colouring and that there are some great adult colouring books to choose from.

Here’s why I’m choosing Screen Freedom and reaching for my colouring book –

  • It’s an opportunity to embrace your childlike wonder
  • Spend time with just you, the paper, the lines and pencils
  • It’s calming and engaging
  • A convenient way to escape into your imagination for just a few minutes. It’s quick and easy
  • It’s relaxing and peaceful
  • A low-impact activity that requires minimal thought
  • Escape from adult world. As an adult we all experience pressure and demands. This can lead to ‘decision fatigue’. The only decision you have to make is which colour pencil to choose
  • Not everything we do must be in pursuit of productivity. Give yourself a break
  • Creativity, especially in the form of visual art, can improve physical health
  • Enjoy the well being benefits of a mindful task that can enhance a meditative state
  • You can experience a sense of ‘flow’, a mental state where you can become so immersed in an experience that time, space and the self no longer disrupt the present moment.

There are a whole wealth of colouring books out there now. Something for all tastes. This one that I think is beautiful. Designed by Johanna Bashford, who is an illustrator from Scotland. For more information – www.johannabasford.com


For more information – Why grown-ups love coloring books too

Have you embraced the world of colouring books? Are you seeking some Screen Freedom? What activities do you do to escape the world of technology and screen devices?




10 thoughts on “Going Colourtastic – Screen Freedom

  1. Oh, I love Johanna Basford! I have all three of her books and have pre- ordered her next two. There is a jungle theme one out I believe in August and a Christmas one in November. I loved “Enchanted Forest” so i am looking forward to the jungle one. I too find coloring to be very relaxing and a nice creative outlet. I use Prismacolor pencils and have been eyeing some pens by Staedtler for a little while now.

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      • Yes, the Christmas book comes out in November. The last couple of years she has drawn a couple of pictures for Christmas for her fans to download-last year it was in exchange for a donation to a charity. Based on those pictures I think the book will be beautiful! I really like Prismacolor pencils. Those and ones by Staedtler are very good quality pens and pencils to color with. A little expensive but worth it.

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