Without you I am nothing

Dear sleep – how I cherish thee, how I love thee. I am nothing without thee.

Oh how I love sleep. My bed is one of my all time favorite places. I really need my sleep. I always have. Just one or two nights of restless or insufficient sleep has a big impact on my well being and my ability to function.

The problem is I’m also a light sleeper – any noise disturbance and that’s me awake. For a few weeks now, I’ve been getting woken either in the middle of the night or far too early for my liking, by various things – snoring other half (grrrrr), my bladder (probably too much info), neighbors who start work very early, our weekly bin collections (who also come at silly o’clock). Once I am awake my crazy brain is kicking in almost instantly, hence my return to blissful slumber is broken. I feel knackered at the moment. Everything feels like hard work. My energy levels are low. 

We know lack of sleep is not good but I wanted to understand this a little more. Why do I feel so rubbish and just what happens when we don’t get the sleep we need. Russell Foster’s TED Talk – Why do we sleep explains:

Understanding more about what is going on in my brain when I’m not getting the sleep I need, has helped me understand why I feel the way I do. Once you understand why you feel a certain way, it becomes easier to cope with and this in turn can help you find ways to overcome the problem.

This great  little animation from TED looks how lack of sleep affects our brain

I’m focusing on some tried and tested techniques – lavender essential oil, reading fiction to wind down, staying away from alcohol and using my audio book to help me switch off.


I’m also going to look for a mindfulness meditation or a self hypnosis for sleep that I can download and listen to if I do wake in the night or too early.

Am I alone in my need for sleep? Do you prioritise sleep in your life? Are you a light sleeper or can you sleep through just about anything?

If you could recommend a mindfulness meditation or self hypnosis that I could download for free, I’d love to hear about it. 


2 thoughts on “Without you I am nothing

  1. I too am a bad sleeper. I have a cat who wakes me up during the middle of the night with either scratching the walls or clawing me! I don’t think I have slept all the way through for some weeks. You get used to it! Though my energy levels are lower than they should be. I do have a mindfulness meditation mp3, quite a few actually, whether they are any good, (as they do nothing for me), is anyone’s guess. I got them from the Future Learn Mindfulness course. Have you taken that one? If not I will try and find a way of putting it online for you! Hope you have a better nights sleep? x

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