A Favourite View – Seeking Pacific Blue

Last year I visited Cornwall for the first time. We stayed in glorious St Ives. I spent my 40th Birthday there and fell in love with the place.

St Ives is a seemingly subtropical oasis where the beaches are golden, the vegetation is lush and the light piercingly bright. The light is incredible. It takes a day or so for your eyes to adjust to the brightness that surrounds the beaches and the sea views.

It’s no wonder then that the town has been attracting artists for decades, who come to capture the area’s undeniable natural beauty. Well known artists who were compelled by the beauty of St Ives include –M W Turner, Henry Moore and Barabara Hepworth.

 There is a maze of narrow cobbled streets and fisherman’s cottage and four beaches, each one beautiful and unique in their own way. 

I love St Ives, Cornwall. 

#coloryourworld 120 Days of Crayola

Today’s colour is Pacific Blue

Where is your favourite view?



9 thoughts on “A Favourite View – Seeking Pacific Blue

    • I know! I’d heard about it and always wanted to go. It’s quite a long drive (7hrs) and we tend to visit places slightly nearer to home for little holidays and it is also an expensive place to rent a holiday home. As a child I lived in Scotland so it was even further away. Luckily we now have family to stay with and we share the long drive. I didn’t realise quite how wonderful the area was until I got there. Now I’m hooked!

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