For the Love of Frogs

So today’s colour is neon carrot.  (#coloryourworld 120 Days of Crayola)

It’s time to share my photo of this incredible frog. I met him/her at Chester Zoo. I was fascinated. We just stared each other for ages. It had the most hypnotic eyes.

Neon Carrot

Frogs and toads, together known as Anurans, are amphibians. Amphibians are currently going through a global extinction crisis. Alarmingly, 122 species of amphibians have gone extinct since 1980 and about a third of the world’s 6500 amphibians are currently threatened with extinction.

Chester Zoo strongly supports conservation. Scientists reckon a third of all animal and plant species on Earth face a high risk of extinction within this century. Extinction: that’s it, gone, forever. Chester Zoo’s mission is to be a major force in conserving biodiversity worldwide through field conservation, research, conservation breeding, animal welfare, and education.

I loved spending a whole day learning about their conservation work and seeing some truly incredible animals.

For more information –

I don’t agree with zoos unless they are specialised conservation zoos, where conservation is their key purpose, as apposed to entertaining the public for profit.

What comes to mind when you think of the colour neon carrot? Do you know what type of frog this is?


8 thoughts on “For the Love of Frogs

  1. Reading your Crayola color posts is always so delightful! I must admit, I had never thought of carrot as being a color that could be made neon, but this frog does capture it well. I also really appreciated the discussion you added to the post regarding conservation of endangered species. Thank you for sharing!

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