Crayons for Grown Ups

As part of #coloryourworld challenge, I have a new found appreciation of all things crayon.

There is some amazing things you can do with crayons.

Using thousands of melted and chopped-up Crayloa crayons, Herb Williams, creates vibrant life-size sculptures that loom large with bold colors and textures as part of his Call of the Wild exhibition.

I wanted to share these amazing sculptures as part of the 120 Days of Crayola challenge. You have to admire this use of crayons.

In one of his most recent exhibitions, Call of the Wild, the artist constructed sculptures inspired by nature, including crows perching on a bright tree

For Nashville, Tennesse artist, Herb Williams, crayons aren't a means of drawing art; instead, they are the art


For more information and images from the exhibition – Drawing childhood memories Artist uses thousands Crayola crayons create mesmerizing life size sculptures.

#coloryourworld 120 Days of Crayola

Today’s colour is melon – I think there’s some melon crayons in there somewhere.



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