Fridays – I need them like oxygen

As some of you know, I started a new job in January. I’m using my skills, experience and expertise while having lots of new challenges. It’s a great organisation and a great team. It all sounds just lovely doesn’t it?

However, I have inherited a bit of a mess with issues and problems, which as a manger it’s my job to resolve. Then of course there is the the huge workload. I can spend 5 hrs a day in meetings, often do not get a lunch break and have to stay late to get work done.

I keep reminding myself,  prior to starting the job, I’d been incredibly ill and stuck in bed for 2 weeks. So it’s no surprise that by Thursday evening my brain and body are totally done in.

Image result for heavy workload

The super, super good news is that my working week is 4 days and I get Fridays off. Woop, woop, hooray, hooray!

Fridays have now become a huge blessing in my life.

I have fallen in love with Fridays.

I need Fridays like I need oxygen.

Fridays are now most definitely deserving of the title Feel Good Fridays.

Current Themes for My Feel Good Fridays

  • Harness a sense of blissful relaxation
  • Respond according to my energy levels (or lack of them)
  • Spend quality time with my dog
  • Do some blogging and checking out my wordpress reader
  • Go for a walk, get some fresh air
  • Have a nice treat – a soak in an aromatherapy bath, foot spa, facial, massage or hair appointment

I do feel confident that it will get easier at work in time. I hope that my energy levels will improve a little so I can start to do other things on a Friday. I will be exploring themes around maintaining a work/life balance in future. For now, Fridays are all about feeling good and looking after my health and well being.

How do you manage work stress and pressure? What tactics do you have for managing your health and well being on a regular basis? Do you have any top tips for managing a work/life balance?



11 thoughts on “Fridays – I need them like oxygen

  1. I always try to find some time to myself to unwind and get away from everything. Going for a walk in the local park is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I will bring a book with me and find a quiet area to read. I also started coloring in adult coloring books. I love Johanna Basford’s books. I find them very relaxing after a long day. It helps quiet my mind. I also found some apps that play the sound of rain and sometimes I will play them at night before bed. It’s a soothing sound.

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  2. Yay for having Friday off! It sounds like you will really get a lot from the day of self care and relaxation. Aromatherapy or a massage sounds like a lovely way to unwind. Lately to help with my work stress I’ve been keeping classical music on in the background all day while I work. It’s really helping!

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  3. For me it’s just about getting enough sleep. I set times for myself so that I get everything I need to do in, then when it’s time to crash, I crash. With enough sleep I can handle anything. It’s when I start cutting that short that my life turns to chaos.

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  4. I have learned to see the Work/Life balance as a wheel. Draw one on a piece of paper and then draw spokes , each representing a part of your life. Ex: Work, Relationships, Spirituality, Creativity, Health,etc. When you draw them measure in proportion with what you exercise. If the wheel starts to look like a potato then you need to work on the shorter spokes. Life is not just work and is not just play.
    To have balance you have to define who you are without letting your work define you.

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  5. Work/life balance is so crucial! I was initially going to advise against bringing work home; but then I’d be a hypocrite. Talking about work helps me decompress. I do advise against bringing work into the bedroom, though.

    Yay for Fridays!!

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