The Wonderful Grey Minack Theatre


The Minack Theatre is a unique theatre perched on the cliffs high above the Atlantic ocean. It has to be one of the most unique theatres in the world.

The Minack is an open-air theatre, carved into the granite cliff and set in glorious gardens, overlooking the spectacular panorama of Porthcurno Bay, Cornwall. 

It has stone seats with the names of famous plays carved into each seat. So it’s advisable to bring your own cushion to sit on. 

I was lucky enough to visit the theatre last year on a quiet day. A great opportunity to explore. One day in the future I hope to return to watch a performance.

The idea for the theatre was born when Rowena Cade (Photo Shown) who lived in Minack House at the top of the cliff, decided to create a place for local drama enthusiasts to perform Shakespeare’sThe Tempest. Over the winter of 1931 and into 1932 Rowena and her gardener, Billy Rawlings, moved endless granite boulders and earth, creating the stage and the lower terraces of the theatre, in the same place as you see them today. The first performance was in August 1932.

The Rowena Cade Visitor Centre tells the remarkable story of how a girl from Victorian era Cheltenham grew up to build this internationally famous Theatre with her own hands.

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Today’s colour is Grey

Do you enjoy going to the theatre? Have you visited any unique theatres in different parts of the world?


14 thoughts on “The Wonderful Grey Minack Theatre

  1. Hi Debra, I’ve not visited the Minack theatre for years though my parents go there regularly. Fabulous pictures by the way!

    I’ve been to the open air theatre in Regents Park, London. I saw To Kill A Mockingbird there but the theatre is nothing of the magnitude of the Minack theatre.

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