Introducing The Little Apothecary

New Year = New Blog Category  

Welcome to The Little Apothecary

So what’s the idea?

Well I have always been in interested in health and well being. Including, traditional, home remedies. I’m also interested in the history of traditional medicine and home remedies. I sometimes think I was born into the wrong era. At Hogwarts, I would definitely have signed up for herbology and been found hanging out in the apothecary department or at Slug & Jiggers.

One of the main reasons for starting my blog was to help me focus more and prioritise my own well being in the broadest sense. I don’t feel I have fully realised this so far.

An actual apothecary that had tinctures in it nearly 100 years old that were still viable.:



Hence, the creation of a new category The Little Apothecary. This is where I will be indulging my interests in this area – aromatherapy, herbs, healing foods, homemade remedies and maybe a bit of history thrown in.


Apothecary – The word ‘apothecary’ is derived from apotheca, meaning a place where wine, spices and herbs were stored. By the mid-sixteenth century apothecaries had become the equivalent of today’s community pharmacists, dealing mainly with the preparation and sale of substances for medicinal purposes. For more information about the history of the apothecary check out –

Apothecary, much like Raymond's:


And yes, I do fantasise about having my own apothecary.

Unfortunately, The Little Apothecary will just be remaining in the virtual world.

So watch this space – The Little Apothecary posts coming soon.

What do you think? I hope this new category will appeal to some of you. I would really appreciate your feedback on this idea and any suggestions you have. Thank you




13 thoughts on “Introducing The Little Apothecary

  1. I think natural therapy is the best instead of pharma made medicines. I’d rather eat some different food and try a different balm that’s made by someone instead of machines. I am sure on with this. I ll love reading about apothecary and everything you have to share about it.

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