Exploring White Scar Cave and Finding Canary

#coloryourworld 120 Days of Crayola

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Today’s colour is canary

White Scar Cave is the  longest cave tour in Britain.

The tour is very interesting, with lots of great photo opportunities. Hard hats are required because you have to get down very low and you will bang your head!

The cave began with the laying down of limestone deposits, which millions of years later were hollowed out by the action of water. Much later still, in 1923, the cave entered human history with its discovery by Christopher Long. As this model of Christopher Long shows, it was not an easy task with just candlelight to lead the way.

Thankfully today the path through the caves is much easier.


It is called White Scar because of the colour of the steep craggy outcrops of rock which tower 600 feet above the cave entrance.  They are called scars, a term derived from the Old Norse word sker meaning  ‘low reef in the sea’

For more information visit – www.whitescarcave.co.uk

Some crayola colours are not always what you would imagine them to be. When I think of canary I would think bright yellow, like a canary bird. However, I matched these photos to the canary colour as defined by crayola.

Have you visited in caves? I would love to here about other caves in other parts of the world. What comes to mind when you think of the colour canary? Probably not caves!







15 thoughts on “Exploring White Scar Cave and Finding Canary

  1. Nature is so cool, like this is all naturally made! We have this caves back in the Dominican Republic called Los Tres Ojos you basically cross from one cave to the next in little boat attached to a rope, it is super cool, I remember going when I was a kid, the best part is that is practically in the middle of the city, normally you have to go to the country side to find caves.

    Great photos!

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    • Thank you so much. The Los Tres Ojos sound really interesting. I remember visiting caves with school too. It’s funny how trips like that stay with you. I think it’s because they are such unique places. Yes – these caves are in the country side. In the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, UK.

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  2. Would definitely not have listed canary as one of the color options to describe these caves! Fascinating! Spelunking is such an amazingly different world isn’t it? When touring Moaning Caverns in California, it was an eye-opening experience: the darkness, the haunting noises, the world underneath our own….

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  3. I wouldn’t have thought about canarys and caves so clever match up. I keep meaning to go to White Scar but keep forgetting.Somewhere else to add to my list! Years ago went to some caves in Matlock Bath in Derbyshire.x

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  4. I once went caving up in Collingwood here in Ontario. Not nearly as adventurous or colourful as your adventure, grey rock all around, but still pretty neat. Caves have always held a mix of fear and curiosity for me. “The Descent” by Jeff Long is a book that I always think of when I think of cave exploration, maybe that’s where the fear comes form.

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