2016 Let’s Do This – Better Late Than Never

As some of you know my New Year plans were scuppered by a visit to Bronchitis Land. Being very ill for a 2 solid weeks was not the best start to a year. However, I tried to embrace the situation. Check out my post in case you missed it – Seeking new year inspiration while surviving acute bronchitis.

Anyway, I am now well into my recovery – hooray, hooray! I have started my new job, which is going well – hooray, hooray! So it’s time to get to grips with this whole New Year thing. Let’s get this show on the road.

So here’s some of my plans, goals, tasks (whatever you want to call them) for the year ahead.

Blog Land

Current Situation – I’ve been happily blogging away for a few months now. I’m enjoying the creative outlet and particularly enjoy communicating with other Bloggers, either on my own posts or reading other people’s posts. A huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to read, like and comment on my posts. I really do appreciate it.

Plans & Tasks – I think it’s time to refresh my ‘About’ page. I’m going to do some rejigging of my categories. I’m also thinking of creating some new themes and categories. More about this in future posts. I am currently doing the Colour My World Challenge. When this finishes, I will be looking for some new blog challenges.

Long term, my aim is just to keep my blog going. This will be enough of challenge now I have a new, very busy, demanding job. However, I am determined to keep it active because I enjoy it and it gives me something just for me outside of work.  I would like to do Blogging 101. I did sign up for this before but it fell during a blogging break so I didn’t participate. Hopefully, I will be able to do this later in the year.

The Universe and Beyond

Plans & Tasks – I plan to do a post about each of these so watch this space.

Get back into running – this will take time following acute bronchitis but I am determined to get back into the running habit this year.

Keep up Mindful Yoga – this will be a challenge to get out of work on time to get to the weekly class but I’m determined.

Make self care and well-being my key priority – today, tomorrow and all the today’s and tomorrows after that (there’s a whole series of posts here). This is a good place to start – Is Energy Management the Key to Overcoming Exhaustion?

Find time for reading:

Read more – I really enjoy reading but it fell by the wayside a bit when I started my new blog. I enjoy reading fiction so I am challenging myself to read 2o fiction books this year. Some of which will be part of a reading challenge – I Spy Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016. I also want to get back to reading about health and well being themes. I’m aiming to blog about these, a bit like this one – The Reality Slap. Finding Fulfillment.

Well that’s enough to keep me busy for a while. Who knows what else 2016 will bring. Looking forward to a great year – here’s hoping.

So what do you think? Do you have any similar plans for 2016?



22 thoughts on “2016 Let’s Do This – Better Late Than Never

  1. We have some similar goals in terms of blogging, reading and also health. I walk a fair bit, but have been considering getting back to doing some gentle running. From the research I’ve done online, the benefits are considerable, but only if you run moderate distances at a moderate pace. It seems for hardcore endurance addicts, the health benefits disappear. Of course there’s little danger of me entering any ultra-marathons any time soon. Unless it was a marathon session of watching a new Game of Thrones series.. :-)

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    • No worries about me doing any ultra marathons either. I did a half marathon in wind and rain in 2012. At the time it felt like a great achievement. I was a complete non-runner 6 months before the half marathon. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the running habit up after that. I’m aiming for 10k at a steady pace on an ongoing basis. TV box set marathons I’m all up for though!

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  2. I’m glad you’re now feeling better! And your goals are great; I am sure you’ll be able to keep up with them. I’m similar – always challenging myself to read more, get more yoga and mindfulness focus in and to stay fit and healthy! Also, it’s great to refresh your blog – New Year, New –!!

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  3. I agree with all three of your goals… mainly because I have similar ones. I exercise quit a bit but I need to refocus a tad. My wife is actually a yoga instructor if you ever have questions or wants some tips :) and lastly I really want to read more this year. I read a lot last year until about October-ish and it fell off. Reading will inspire you to write more, which will help with the blogging. One good thing leads to another! Best of luck to you.

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  4. Hope you’re completely recovered soon :), and are enjoying (will be enjoying?) your wonderful new job!! I actually do have a lot of the same goals- running, taking better care of my body, reading more. I found this wonderful article for creating a plan for 2016: https://medium.com/hackerpreneur-magazine/3-steps-to-write-your-perfect-vision-for-2016-31947d316467 I think you’ll enjoy it. Great goals to start off a great new year!!!

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  5. I am so pleased to hear you are recovered (recovering?) from the bronchitis! I was actually thinking about you this morning as I was on a walk, since you hadn’t posted in a while, and I was going to comment on your last post to check up on you.

    Congratulations again on the new job! It sounds busy but rewarding – I am so happy for you!

    I also really look forward to reading your posts on all of the 2016 goals you have described here, particularly the one about self care, as I think it is valuable for everyone.

    Thank you for posting, and so glad to have you back!!

    Charlotte x

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    • Aw thank you so much Charlotte. That’s so kind of you. I think ‘busy and rewarding’ is a good way of describing my new job. Yes, self care is going to be a real theme in my life. I have a tendency to throw myself into my work at the expense of my well being. I am determined to maintain a balance with this job. Although my brain is already struggling to switch off!


  6. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I am right on the same page with you, especially in blogland. Just last night I was up making minor changes and doing drafts for my blog. I, like you, started only a few months ago and REALLY want to stick with it; it’s so fun to do I just wish there were more time in the day for it…don’t we all? Lol. Good luck on all your goals :)

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    • Thank you. I think the longer you’ve been doing blogging, the easier it gets. It’s just about finding space in your life for it but making sure it doesn’t take you away from other important things. Keep up your blog and enjoy.

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  7. I’m glad your feeling better and your job is going well. :) I have not set any plans for the year. I do intend to eat healthier, which i have been doing….apart from this weekend! I challenged myself to read one book a month in 2015 and I managed about 20 so thats cool. I hope to continue this year. As for blogging, I shall just do what i usually do….and blog when i feel like it. Must be working as it will be 4 years in July. X :)

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    • Hello Shazza – thank you. Well done on the healthy eating. We all need a few treats every now and then so I hope you enjoyed them this weekend – you can blame the snow! Wow 4 years. Fantastic commitment to your blog. It’s great and enjoy reading your posts so keep it up.

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