The Blue Bell Bridesmaid

Blue Bell

Months in the planning and planned to perfection

We even had two Hen Parties to send her on her way

The colour of blue bell everywhere

It was a wondeful day, full of sheer joy

Dresses, hats and even kilts on display

Family and friends joined together in celebration

Beautiful flowers and wonderful cake

We laughed and we danced the night away

It was one of the happiest days of my life

But you were not there

I did not follow in your footsteps down the aisle

You were represented by a burning candle

You are missing from the photographs

Someone else wrote and read out the speech

They cried in remembrance of you and I did too

It was one of the saddest days of my life

I wish you were here

From the Blue Bell Bridesmaid with the Broken Heart

(Sister of the Bride)


#coloryourworld 120 Days of Crayola color-your-world-blue-bell

Today’s colour is blue bell

This is a photo of me in my Blue Bell Bridesmaid dress on a very special day.



10 thoughts on “The Blue Bell Bridesmaid

  1. Nice piece. Sometimes the happiest times can remind us of those not there to share them. It’s beautiful, in a way they are there, they live in the memories of the ones they loved and that loved them.

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