Seeking New Year Inspiration While Surviving Acute Bronchitis

So far 2016 has really not gone to plan for me. The plan went array on Boxing Day (26th Jan) when I have was knocked of kilter by acute bronchitis. It has been particularly severe and my body is still struggling against it. Simply walking around the house is a challenge. On New Year’s I was in bed exhausted and things have yet to improve.

However, I am trying not to let it get me down. I am still planning to embrace the new year, once I am well enough to rejoin life to the full. Sometimes you have to just do nothing and wait for the worst to pass. I am enjoying reading again, cuddling my dog and feel very thankful for the prescribed medication that is keeping me going. I am staying focused on the notion of the new year. I am conserving my energy. I am just postponing things a bit.

I generally like to embrace New Year by establishing some goals and embracing a new vigor and motivation. But if I’m honest, January is my least favourite month. The darkness, post Christmas, seems to zap me of energy. This year I was determined to make the most of the month of January. My body had other ideas. I have no choice but to just go with it. Hey ho! I’m not giving up so this seems like a good place to start. I am keeping it simple and starting with number 4.


For some additional inspiration and ideas about the new year and resolutions check out –

Girly Geek Girl who has written an interesting post about The Great Resolution Debate. I too will be identifying some targets for myself.

Surprising Lives has written a series of useful reflective questions to help identify some positive goals and direction in her post Resolutions – Get on with living not failing.  I am going to be using these questions to help me.

Thanks for the inspiration

To Inspire

This post is also in response to a TTT (The Topic Thingy) January prompt at Being1nsane. This month the topic is ‘To Inspire’. For more information and to the join the January challenge check it out.


What do you think of the 5 Reasons why January is perfect?  Do these fit with any of your plans for January? 





29 thoughts on “Seeking New Year Inspiration While Surviving Acute Bronchitis

  1. Hope you are better! I think when our bodies are fed up with what we’ve been putting them through, they rebel and take control back by saying, hey, you, rest. We should rest and digest as we go along then our body wouldn’t have to spring an illness on us. So, from one (recent illness) survivor to another, here is my post about tonsillitis to cheer you up :-)

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    • Thank you so much Holistic Wayfarer. Would this be okay with me being asthmastic? It’s my asthma that is making it so bad. I am now on a second course of steroids to try and get my asthma under control.


      • You can Google. I just typed onion poultice and found a great easy vid. Takes 5 min. to prepare. I personally think it’ll be wonderful for you and better than the steroids/chemicals. It’s the sulfur that breaks up the phlgem. The castor is a bit messy but worth it. I didn’t care about the mess. Clean-up was easy. Castor heals EVERYthing. You’ll need a hot water pack to keep over the two packs (done separately, of course).

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      • My pleasure. Be sure to wipe the castor oil off when done. It draws out toxins effectively so you want to clean your slate, so to speak. A warm baking soda rag will do. They say about 1 hr. I’d say minimum 45 min but it felt so good I’ve done 2 hrs sometimes. When I wrapped it around the neck (a bit hard, you gotta find a good position), the sinuses and head dried and cleared right up. I know. Magic. This is a good site.

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      • This was my original blog, a seed for a book. I have not been able to build it, as AHJ took wing. But here is tea great for sinuses. And of all the things I have tried this long season battling bronchitis, the funny thing was just 1/3-1/2 half a clove of garlic (supposed to be a little before food but too strong for me so I added it to meal). But my stomach can’t take it raw so I steamed or roasted it JUST a few minutes, careful not to overcook so that it still had that sharp bitter bite. And just that little amount eliminated mucus in the upper and respiratory for hours, progressively healing them.

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      • That’s a great tip. I could do with that book! When you are really ill you don’t always have the capacity to start researching remedies. I need to collate and store what I need when I am well so it’s there to go to when needed. I don’t often get ill but if I do pick up a bad virus it triggers my asthma really badly. I want to be more proactive rather than reactive in future. I will check out your other blog too.


      • I didn’t worry about plastic and covering clothes. Just used old T shirts I planned to ruin and a cotton hand towel. The shaggier ones seem to work better in soaking and releasing back the oil. I also alternated onion + chopped garlic and then onion + grated ginger bc the body gets used to single therapies. I’d love to know how it goes.

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      • I did almost mention the eucalyptus. Peppermint works even better! If you give me your email addy here or write me at, I’ll see if I can send you a referral to Vitacost. They beat retail and usu. deliver the next day. It would come with a discount for us, though I have no need for it. I can tell u which castor in glass I got.


      • Thanks. I assume this is US? I’m in the UK. I have a a couple of local independent health shops that I try to support. So I will try there first then if not go online. I really appreciate your help.


  2. I’m so sorry you are ill and yes you must rest and relax and recover. January is definitely about new beginnings I think. I really need to lose weight ( to many afternoon teas! ) so I have taken a photo of myself in a dress that is too tight and hope to take a picture every week, to track my progress. Just trying to eat healthier ( more fruit and veg) and hopefully take the dog out on longer walks. Hope you are better soon. X

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  3. I feel your pain, I’ve been laid up with a nasty infection that is only just starting to get better (after 2 rounds of antibiotics). It’s like my body forcing me to take a rest and reflect as I don’t have the energy to do much else. Hope you get better soon.

    My 5 reasons to love January would be:
    1.) I like the snow and cold
    2.) It’s quiet
    3.) The gym fills up and I get to be inspired by new people chasing new goals (and keep new lifters from injuring themselves).
    4.) Running at night, through snow on dark trails with a dim headlamp is a special kind of magic.
    5.) Snowboarding can start in earnest

    Keep looking on the bright side :)

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  4. Oh my gracious, you poor thing! Please look after yourself and feel better soon! Did you have to go to hospital? Acute bronchitis sounds serious. But it sounds like your attitude is stellar, and that you’re making the most of this curve ball. I really admire your attitude, it is very inspirational. I also totally relate to your feelings about January in general. To me it’s like the worst of winter’s climate but without the bustling joy of the holidays. Thank you also for sharing my post! I look forward to reading the others you posted. I also really like the list of five reasons to love January you posted. Number 1 on that list is certainly a good reminder, even if cleaning is never pleasant. Thank you as always for sharing!

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    • Thank you so much Charlotte. I went to my GP as soon as they opened after Christmas. I have asthma, which is normally well lcontrolled. I knew I needed to get medication asap. The asthma is definitely exacerbating the problem. I’m just trying to accept the situation and stay positive about getting better. I start a new job 1 week today so I will rest as much as possible this week.

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