Christmas in Blogland

There are some lovely festive posts out there in Blogland at the moment. I’ve really enjoyed reading them and they have encouraged me to feel the festive spirit.

As it’s the season for sharing, I thought I’d share some of the posts and say thanks to everyone. In no particular order, enjoy – 

Amanda at Surprising Lives has a great post with all the latest Christmas adverts from around the world The Best of a Commercial Christmas. I really enjoyed watching these, although one of them was very poignant for me and made me cry!

Charlotte at Girly Geek Girl shared her experience of a seasonal painting class. She created a wonderful painting – Joyeux Noël. It made me want to have a go at painting.

Caitlin at Joy-Full Happenings wrote a lovely post – Being Present. It was a great reminder to take the time over the festive season to be truly present. 

Just One More Page shared a classic Christmas poem – The Night Before Christmas. I haven’t read this in a long time. It really is a lovely festive poem. I hope you enjoy it too.

Dreamy Michaela at a The Path Less Travelled has a post with an amazing piece of music – A Different Type of Harp Music. It’s lovely, it’s very clever and it reminds me of Christmas. Sit back relax and enjoy.

Transforming Life Now wrote a lovely post – Joy. There are some lovely quotes and it’s a great reminder that it’s the season to be kind, be loving and be joyful.

Elizabeth Collie shares her world with Chance her lovely rescue dog.  Her post Santa Paws is Comin to Town is a nice reminder than dogs love Christmas too. Plus Chance looks so cute in a Santa hat. I know my dog loves getting presents.

Shazza at Sunshine and Celandines shared her experience of  A Festive Drink and Draw. What a great idea. I wish they had this near me. This post actually made me laugh. The costume Abba Angel/Disco Jesus is wearing is incredible and definitely festive! 


Apologies if I missed anyone’s Christmas themed post in my reader.

If you are planning a New Year themed post, please let me know so I can make sure to check it out.


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