Acknowledging the Winter Solstice

Here in the UK the 22nd December 2015 marks this years Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice, is an important turning point, as it marks the shortest day, when the hours of daylight are at their least. It also the start of the increase in the hours of daylight, until the Summer Solstice.

The Winter Solstice marks a central part of nature’s cycle. It is a time of new growth, rebirth and renewal. It is a reminder that in order to begin anew, the old must end.

The December solstice marks the ‘turning of the Sun’ as the days slowly get longer. Celebrations of the lighter days to come have been common throughout history with feasts and festivals, celebrated by cultures across the world.

Yule, (pronounced EWE-elle) is when the dark half of the year relinquishes to the light half. Starting the next morning at sunrise, the sun climbs just a little higher and stays a little longer in the sky each day. Known as Solstice Night, or the longest night of the year, the sun’s “rebirth” was celebrated with much joy.


I believe that embracing nature an the natural rhythms of the year is good for our well being.  Just like in nature, the Winter Solstice can be a good time for acknowledging the old and letting go. It is the start of new cycle in nature so it can also be a time to look forward. It is a good opportunity to take time out and reflect.

Some reflective questions for the Winter Solstice –

  • What are you grateful for this year?
  • What do we need to acknowledge and let go off?
  • What have we learnt and achieved this year?
  • What do we want to embrace and take into the new year?
  • How do we want to live in the coming year?
  • In what ways would we like to grow and develop?
  • What do we want to be about?
  • What are we trying to do here?
  • What do we want to work on?
  • What steps do we need to take to keep ourselves well?

I am looking forward to participating in a Candlelight Chill Out for the Winter Solstice. A session to relax, restore and re-balance – gentle yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Sounds like just want I need.

Do you have any plans for the Winter Solstice? 


12 thoughts on “Acknowledging the Winter Solstice

  1. Thank you so, so much for this lovely post. Firstly I enjoyed learning about the origin of the word yule, but much more than that, I really appreciate the questions of reflection that you posed. As usual, your words are very inspirational. Please do tell us how the Candlelight Chill Out is! That sounds really cool. Thank you again so much for this post!

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  2. I plan on enjoying the longest night of the year the same way I enjoy the longest day, by getting outside. These are great times to embrace nature and remind us that as much as we like to think otherwise, with our lights and technology, we are still a part of the planet. Great time to get outside and start my winter fun.

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