Homeless Santa Adoption Program – don’t panic, I’m saving Christmas.


Following on from my previous post on my mission to make friends with winter – Do it like the Danish – Hygge – Christmas is fast approaching and I have now embarked on a mission to adopt homeless and abandoned Santa’s.

Yes people, homeless and abandoned Santa’s at Christmas – it’s terrible, I know!

After finding these lovely Santa’s abandoned in 2 different charity shops, I knew I just had to do something.  I’m not sure if they like their new names but they seem quite content in their new home.

Santa Long Legs


Santa Snuggles


Please do your bit this festive season. In charity shops across the land , there are abandoned Santa’s. Open your heart and your home to a homeless Santa.

Join my Homeless Santa Adoption Programlet’s save Christmas together. 

Please show your support For Santa Long Legs and Santa Snuggles by leaving you messages of support below. Thank you


21 thoughts on “Homeless Santa Adoption Program – don’t panic, I’m saving Christmas.

    • Thank you so much for linking to my post on my Homeless Santa Adoption Program. I really appreciate it. This is a great post. You’ve been busy checking out other people’s blogs and being a supportive follower – nice one! Thank you.

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  1. I think both the santas look really cute especially, santa long legs.I wonder why they have been abandoned. This is not fair! I will definitely adopt a homeless santa, if I find one. :)

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  2. Santa Long Legs and Santa Snuggles are both so adorable!! Yesterday I came across a life size Santa figure about a foot taller than myself, so he might be a tad difficult to take home… but I love the spirit of this post! Thank you for sharing!

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