Sane New World – My Night With Ruby Wax


As you will know if you’ve read my ‘More About Me’ page, I am keen on well being and all that it entails. As part of my ongoing quest to manage and maintain my well being, I spent a Friday night with Ruby Wax.

Ruby Wax, was known as a comedian but is now more well known for her amazing work in the mental health. It was a huge pleasure to be on the front row of her show ‘Sane New World’.


Ruby shared her experience of depression and how she went from comedy to Oxford University to study the mind. She then uses honesty, comedy and her experiences to explain the mind, mental health, mental illness and mindfulness.

She was very funny, informative, motivating and inspiring.


The great news is that Ruby is planning for the show to be put onto Youtube, so  in time, everyone will be ale to watch it. I would highly recommend it.

There is a book that accompanies the show, which I have also read. I plan to do a separate blog post about the book.


Ruby has also done a really good TED Talk  on a similar nature – check it out here:

Ruby Wax: What’s so funny about mental illness

Thank you Ruby Wax – long may your amazing, beneficial work continue.

Has anyone else seen the show Sane New World, read the book or watched Ruby on TED Talks? I’d love to know what you think. 




14 thoughts on “Sane New World – My Night With Ruby Wax

  1. I’ve seen Ruby’s talk and her book is on my shelf! I’ve had a brief read through (this post has inspired me to properly read it) but am aware of her struggles with her mental health and depression. I had no idea she had a show. Thanks for sharing this :) Reducing the stigma of mental health issues, a little at a time.

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  2. I hadn’t heard of Ruby Wax before now, but I just Googled her and watched one of her TED talks. My, am I enamored!! Like her, I have fluoxetine to thank for being alive. Words cannot express how utterly refreshing this level of candor is regarding mental health. She is dead on the money that mental health is virtually the only form of health (or lack thereof) that gets shamed quite like it does, aside from perhaps STIs. Thank you SO much for sharing this and for introducing so many of us in Blog Land to this wonderful figure. It is so, so, so comforting and necessary to be reminded that there is no shame or weakness in mental illness, nor are we alone.

    Charlotte x

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    • I am so pleased that this post has introduced you to Ruby Wax and her work. Years ago I was not that fussed by her comedy but now she is very funny. Probably because her comedy is ‘real’. It’s brilliant that the post has prompted to find out more – it’s what makes blogging really, really worthwhile. Without mental health we have no health. Thank you so so much for your comment.

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  3. Although I have not read, seen or heard , I am very interested in it. My other passion in life is my job in mental health. I love my job and really care about my patient’s well being. I will keep y eyes open for this now, thank you.

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    • You and the people you work with would definitely find this interesting and useful. Ruby did a show before which she specifically performed in mental health inpatient services. It was well received. She is also working on the idea of having mental health drop in services across the UK. At the end of the show there was a Q&A with the audience which was also great.

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