The Sleeping Garden & Abandonded Opulence of Lowther Castle

At Lowther Castle in Cumbria the clocks stopped and time stood still. Once a place of ultimate opulence and extreme extravagance. All the more striking because when at it’s height there was a huge cavern between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. This was a place just for the ‘haves’ for over 800 yrs, with the parkland being developed and in use through 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The Lowther Castle that is just remains today was completed in 1806.

A lifestyle of overindulgence led to the castle and gardens being abandoned in 1937.  With the interior structure and the roof being removed in 1957 to avoid a death duty bill.

Parts of the garden are still abandoned and overgrown. It feels like a sleeping spell was cast, leaving nature to weave it’s magic upon the land.

There is an incredible atmosphere there, especially if you are fortunate enough to be the only visitors on a beautiful, quiet November day. It was amazing to explore the castle and the gardens with absolutely no one else around.

There was an eerie silence but you could feel all those now forgotten, who had lived and worked there from times now passed. You could almost see and here them.

The site is now being developed. The ruins of the castle are being made safe and turned into gardens. Some of the parkland has been cleared, with some re-planting and some of gardens are being left to nature as a testament of time. 

For more information –

All the photos in this article where taken by me (c) Cultivating Time, when I visited the site in November 2015. Please give me credit if you use my images – Thank You.

So what’s your preference when it comes to visiting castles would you rather see it still all grand and opulent, full of expensive furniture  and art or do you prefer the power of nature and leaving history to the passage of time? 


32 thoughts on “The Sleeping Garden & Abandonded Opulence of Lowther Castle

  1. Wow! Great photos. No doubt that you’re a good photographer and that place is a nature’s masterpiece. I’ve also been to places of that kind ‘ABONDONED’ .Of course, it feels great. :)

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  2. I prefer leaving history to the passage of time…oh wait…but I also feel these old places need to be well looked after and restored of needed but also once restored in certain areas, make sure we are aware a restoration has occurred so we know what was historic and what is new ! I love history. It makes me realise the beauty of us as a species and what we could do even in a day and age when we didn’t have the technology etc we do now. Even history from 50 years ago astounds me and the progress we are making continually! Thanks for sharing. And lovely pics

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  3. I love abandoned places, there is something about them that just pulls me in. Maybe it’s because they illustrate how fleeting our time is here, or maybe it’s because they just look neat. Great pictures by the way.

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  4. Oh my gracious what gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for sharing this post. That castle looks both haunting and beautiful. I’ve never been to a historical site that was abandoned like that, but it seems such sites may be more beautiful than ones kept opulent!

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  5. This is literally a couple of miles from where my Mum lives.She lives in the very nearby village of Askham.I visited a couple of years ago and its great to see the improvements they are doing..especially as it stood in an even worse state for so long.Beautiful pics.I love the rainbow.:)

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    • Small world! It would be great to have visited from the beginning throughout all the developments to see all the changes. I’m glad we went now rather than when it’s fully completed. Thanks for commenting.


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