Wise Words for the Week Ahead – Planning


Plans are great and sometimes a plan is essential. However, sometimes in life it’s great not to plan at all. When we do this we allow anything to happen and who knows what amazing opportunities that might bring.

Over using or over relying on plans can also bring added stress to our lives. Plans can end up feeling like another thing we have to do or something else we are no succeeding at.

Plan when you need to but remember sometimes to ditch the plan, give yourself a break and give yourself the chance of something you just couldn’t have planned for!

Happy Monday Morning folks. Here’s to a good week ahead for all you.


20 thoughts on “Wise Words for the Week Ahead – Planning

  1. Thanks for this post. I’m so guilty of having been a slave to a plan. I had my whole career planned out before I left university. Things haven’t gone to plan and unsurprisingly, has been a source of great stress for me. I’m slowly learning to relax more! Great sentiments :)

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  2. I haven’t quite ditched the plan…but it has altered some this week. I do like to try spontaneous things now and again. Here’s to a prosperous week plan or not!

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  3. Such a simple yet profound and life-enhancing sentiment — I couldn’t agree more! I think some of the most rigid plans I once had for myself are the ones I am most grateful never came to fruition. As always, thank you for sharing! And happy Monday (now Tuesday)! :-)

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