Keep Your Bra – Burn Your Duster



62d8412c56ce0cfabcf738c71111f77dI like it when people are motivated to cook lovely, home cooked meals, especially when I get to benefit from it. However, let’s not confuse my love of nice food with a love of cooking. They are two very different things. I don’t really like cooking. I like eating. I only really cook because I like to eat a balanced diet.

e09862d9277196bba512490c74b0daa6I like my home to be clean and tidy. It does make for a more relaxing, pleasant living environment. So maybe I won’t burn all my dusters! I just really don’t like the endless cycle. The minute you get the final room clean and tidy, it’s time to start at the beginning again. It never actually ends!


I’m not even going to mention the tedium that is food shopping.

Being an adult


I have decided to take the pressure of myself. I now ask myself –

Is my house tidy enough?

Is my house clean enough?

Is my diet healthy enough?

Is there enough food in the kitchen?

If the answer is yes, then I’m off to do something far more interesting and fun.


Life is precious. Life is for living.

It’s not about spending energy and your free time doing stuff you don’t enjoy.

I know it sounds very simplistic. It’s just a change of mindset. I have changed the way I assess my life and my living environment. I can always find more things to clean. I could do more healthy, home cooked meals. But my life needs a balance. A balance between the things I do to help me maintain a healthy, clean home and actually enjoying my life. This approach is definitely working for me. I feel far more liberated now I have taken the pressure of myself


Am I alone? Anyone else tempted to burn the dusters? Is there anyone else out there who takes the ‘good enough’ approach?


13 thoughts on “Keep Your Bra – Burn Your Duster

  1. Tidying up is indeed an endless cycle! I use it to my advantage, though. I only do it to clear my head, contemplate an idea, or when I’m trying to avoid doing something else. I’m with you in the school of “good enough” and also keeping an “organized mess!”

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    • I like the idea of an organised mess. Yes, it is a good way of clearing your end or contemplation. I sometimes do stuff while listening to audio books. That definitely makes it easier. Thanks for your comment.


  2. These words definitely ring true for me as well. It is exhausting to get caught in that cycle of “never enough,” whether it’s about house tidiness or domestic goddess-ness or work or whatever. Even though I loooooove cooking, I absolutely hate cleaning, so that’s definitely one area where I have adopted a “good enough” philosophy too. If the floors are clean and the dishes are washed and the laundry is put away, I’m OK with a stack mail and empty shopping bags cluttering up the kitchen island. Thank you as always for the inspiring and comforting post! :-)

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    • It’s wonderful to know that you have found my post inspiring and comforting. Thank you. I wish I could love cooking. I do cook but it’s just a chore for me. Like you say, getting stuck in the cycle is exhausting. It seems to be the nature of the modern human to put pressure on ourselves in every area of our lives.


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