The Quest for Happiness v Attitude Gratitude


piglet_gratitude_winnie_the_poohAnyone who has ever checked out any health, well being or self help section of a book shop knows that ‘Happiness’ is one of the buzz words. There are blog posts a plenty.  Get it and you’ve go everything. It’s this thing that we are encouraged to seek and strive for. It’s the thing that will make it all okay.

If it works for you – that’s great but it all just feels a little bit unrealistic to me. After all isn’t happiness a feeling? It’s an emotion right? Emotions are not fixed states, they ebb and flow. We do not expect to always feel angry or sad so why does a state of happiness feel like something we should aim for? Like we expect to experience sadness and anger in our lives, we will also experience happiness. However, it is not possible for it to remain constant.

Quotation SubconsciousHelping to develop and manage my own well being is one of the reasons for my blog. For me, a key component of well being is your attitude. Your attitude is something you can choose. You can focus your energies on whatever attitude you choose.
Admittedly, sometimes it feels like our attitude chooses us and we are not always consciously aware of it. Before you know it, you can be embraced in a critical attitude, focusing on what is bad, what might go wrong or what you don’t like in a situation.


If we can choose our attitudes, then I am picking gratitude. I am Attitude Gratitude!

Isn’t it just another way of describing ‘positive thinking’? Another idea that has definitely made it in to the grand hall of buzz words in self help land.

Like happiness, positive thinking has it’s place but I don’t think its something we can realistically maintain all of the time.

For me gratitude is a place where you can channel your energies, it’s a fall back place. It can guide you and direct you. It allows you to still be your true self, to be honest and open. Yes, you can acknowledge and say  when life is difficult but gratitude encourages you to see the whole picture and seek out something to be grateful for. Gratitude is also a skill that we can practice and learn to develop. Gratitude helps us to connect with others and our gratitude can have a positive affect on other people.

It’s there if you look for it!

Source: Buddha Doodles

To find out more check out –  Want to be happy? Be Grateful with David Steindl-Rast at TED Talks. 

What do you think folks? I am interested to hear your opinions on happiness v attitude gratitude. Does the pursuit of happiness work for you?





32 thoughts on “The Quest for Happiness v Attitude Gratitude

  1. Great post D! I’ve never thought of happiness in terms of my attitude before. I also agree that there are a lot who pretend to be ‘happy’ that really aren’t. It’s whatever works for you I guess. I indulge in my hobbies and try to see the positives in adversity. Great perspective!

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  2. I really like your take on this subject. I’ve always strived to practice more positive thinking and happiness but never thought of it in a sense of gratitude attitude. It makes more sense because even if you’re in a slump you can still have gratitude. Thank you for sharing I cannot wait to read more (:

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  3. I completely agree with this. Culturally, we’ve become obsessed with this intangible notion of “happiness” and that one must present a cheery front to go along at all times. Gratitude and compassion are much more tangible things to actually practice instead of feeling less than because we perhaps don’t ‘feel’ as happy as everyone else is pretending to be.

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    • Definitely. I do think not achieving happiness is another thing for us just to feel bad about. Yes, some people are good at pretending to be happy. Sadly it’s those people who are most at risk long term with regards to their well being. Thank you so much for your comment Annie.


  4. I agree. the Attitude of Gratitude is one of the key components to living a happy life! Even when circumstances flip upside down, when you remember what you are thankful for like your family or having a warm bed to sleep in at night or a good cup of tea in the morning, it allows you to feel more positive about life…and picks you up a little out of your sadness :)

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