Autumn Display – embracing the season and bringing autumn into the home

Pumpkin Lanterns

 Pumpkin laterns and pine cones.

I love the changing seasons. It’s one of the reasons I love living in the UK. Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons. It is a time of great change within nature.

Nature and embracing the seasons is a important part of my life.

This year I have created an autumn window display. I have really enjoyed all the colours. It makes me feel very autumnal.

Locally foraged berries and greenery  Locally foraged seasonal berries and greenery. The flowers are from the florist but I just loved the colours.

Wax preserved autumn leaves for garland and homemad tree

Table display with locally foraged leaves, showing autumnal colours.

I preserved the leaves for the garland and my homemade tree using scented wax.

Apple and cinnamon scented candles.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Display – embracing the season and bringing autumn into the home

    • Thank you. It was a very sunny autumn day so great light for the photos. I’ve just shown the clean, tidy bit of my house – hahaha! To preserve the leaves is easy. Save those little left over bits from used candles. Melt it in a melting pan, like you do with chocolate, obviously not a food pan! Then dip in the leaves. I used some old tweezers. Whaft them about a bit til they start to dry (is that a word?). Then place them gently somewhere to dry. They lasted weeks. I used scented wax so they actually smelt lovely too. I really appreciate all your comments – thanks again.

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      • Excellent crafting tip, thank you!! The only way I had ever previously heard of preserving leaves was to flatiron them between pieces of wax paper, but I like the idea of upcycling scented candle leftovers so much more!

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