Returning from Beginners Blogging Burn Out

Re-light the flame
Re-light the flame

It will come as no surprise to fellow bloggers that as a newbie to Blog Land, I have experienced a bit of ‘Beginners Blogging Burn Out’.

Here are some if my newbie realisations –

Blogging can be very time consuming – you could literally spend most of your life focused on tasks for your blog, especially if you are also trying to keep in touch with fellow bloggers on your reader or in Bloglovin.

There is soooooooooooooooooo my advice out there. It’s ridiculous. It’s overwhelming. Some of the advice is contradictory. I found it de-motivating and de-moralising.

There are so many ways to do a blog, you can get lost very easily.

The more blogs you look at the more you might start to think, “what’s the point in me doing a blog”, “other people are doing it better than I could” or “other people have already written post about the things I wanted to write about”. You can easily lose your mojo.

The initial high you get from starting the blog is unlikely to last long term.

Shortly after my blog was starting to take off, I realised there was some other things in my life that I needed to address. This was getting in the way of me focusing on my blog. This was a sign that I had other priorities.

Advice for my fellow Beginners in Blog Land

I’m back and here’s my newbie blogger lessons learned –

  • If there are other things in you life that need to take priority, take the pressure off yourself and move your blog down your list of priorities. Even if this is only temporary.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a break. Your blog will still be there in a few weeks or months. You can just start back up again.
  • Blogging is not for everyone. Taking a break will help you reflect and decide if it is the right thing for you at this time. If you find yourself missing blogging, make a brief plan about how you will get back to Blog Land.
  • Acknowledge to yourself and your followers that you have taken a break. Write a post to let people know you’ve had a break and you are now back.
  • Limit the ‘Blogging Advice’ you look at. If it’s not helping you to feel positive about your blogging – ditch it.
  • Re-visit your original reasons for starting your blog, your hopes and goals for your blog. Try not to loose sight of yourself and what you want your blog to be about.
  • Be selective about the blogging advice you look at. If some is running a business from their blog, trying to use it to sell books or courses but your blog is personal – their advice it not necessarily going to be suitable or relevant to you.
  • Remember some bloggers have their own agenda – to sell you something or to get you to your site to increase hits for advertising. I am not here to criticise these bloggers. However, before reading and taking on the advice they are offering, it’s worth questioning what might be behind it.
  • Be true to yourself. Before starting my blog, I had some very clear ideas about my reasons and my goals. See my posts – 10 Reasons Now is the Time To Blog. If your blog is authentic and it’s something you find useful or enjoyable, stick with it. This is a great reason to blog. For me having followers, comments and likes are a bonus. It’s truly wonderful to have followers and I do really appreciate it when people take the time to like or comment.
  • There a no rules. It’s your blog. A brief plan and schedule can be helpful but it needs to fit in with your life and your other priorities. Write posts that you find engaging, enjoyable and rewarding. Post when it fits in with your life. 
  • Be genuine. I have found some interesting and inspiring fellow bloggers. When I have read posts I liked, I have taken the time to make genuine comments. I have found blogs I like and started following them. Some of these fellow bloggers have taken the time to visit my blog and follow Cultivating Time. I am genuinely grateful – thank you to you all. However, I do not follow other blogs and comment with this expectation. I genuinely want to make fellow blogging friends.
  • Finally, enjoy Blog Land.

Have you experienced Beginners Blogging Burn Out? Please share what you have learnt and any tips you have.


10 thoughts on “Returning from Beginners Blogging Burn Out

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and like my posts. I’m trying to get a balance with the blogging. It can get really time consuming. I try to read all the blogs I’m following too as well.


  1. Absolutely, I actually think one of the most fascinating things about Blog Land is just how many types of blogs and motivations for blogging that there are out there. For instance the other day I came across a blog solely devoted to extinct animals — what a cool niche! But yes I personally find little appeal in the motive of blogging to become a business or “be discovered” in the fashion/food/literary world. If people actually read what I write and happen to enjoy it and want to come back, then awesome! I just enjoy the therapy of blogging and the connection with like-minded writing souls.

    Happy blogging!

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  2. You make some truly excellent points here, especially regarding the plethora of contradictory blogging advice out there. I 100% agree that there are no rules, and there are so many reasons people blog that one piece of advice can’t really be one size fits all.

    That said, I am so glad you regained your mojo with publishing this blog!! As always, thank you for sharing with the blog world!

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    • Thank you. I’m so glad I stuck with it too. Different people have very different motives for blogging. I’m really enjoying connecting with genuine, like minded people from around the world. Including GirlyGeekGirl -of course! There are a lot of people trying to make or sell books etc – that’s just not my thing. I hope you stick with your blog too.

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