Trying Out Hypnosis – Allowing Tension to Melt Away

Allowing tension to melt away

My blog is about cultivating my time to allow for greater focus on my own well being. This includes exploring new ideas and trying new things. The new thing I have recently tried is a Hypnosis Drop in Session.

The flyer offered ‘A guided mental journey of calm to allow tension to melt away’. That definitely sounded appealing so off I went.

At the beginning of the session the therapist explained what hypnosis was. Since the session I have done a bit of reading around to find out more.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapeutic treatment. It is very different from the hypnosis done for entertainment on tv shows. No one jumping around pretending to be a monkey here! All hypnosis is self hypnosis, it comes from yourself. You are always in control. You cannot be hypnotised without your consent.

The aim is to help you reach a trance like state, that is deeply relaxed. The therapist described it as similar to the state you are in just before you fall asleep or when you first begin to wake up. You are aware of your surroundings, while at the same time being deeply relaxed. Oh goody, I thought, I do like that place. I can easily spend a long time in that nice state.

The purpose of being in this state is that it allows you to access the subconscious mind. You can give new suggestions to the subconscious mind and change its way of thinking. In the case of the drop in session – the aim was to help relax and revive the people in the group. 1:1 therapeutic sessions can be more individualised. They try to help the individual alter behaviours, emotions, actions and thoughts via the unconscious mind. The aim being to allow you to take control and achieve your goals.

Quotation Subconscious

What was the session like?

So you get yourself sitting comfortably and upright on a chair, close your eyes and then just follow what the therapist is saying. The therapist counts backwards slowly from 10 to 1, encouraging you notice your breathing and relax different parts of your body throughout. This was the tricky bit for me. Each time the therapist counted down a number they said in a very deep, exaggerated voice – ‘Going deeper and deeper”. I really have no idea why but this seemed to trigger an urge in me to giggle. I had to work very hard to control the urge. It just sounded like a silly voice but I have no idea why it caused me to ‘lose it’. I did manage to suppress the giggles but it took me until the therapist reached the number ‘3’ to kill the urge and actually relax.

Then I followed a visualisation exercise, which was nice and very relaxing. I was aware of my surroundings throughout, noises from outside etc but it was not the focus on my attention. After this the therapist counted back up to 10. Then we opened our eyes.

So did it work?

The bizarre thing for me was the second I opened my eyes I became aware that I had been resting my back on one of the plastic toggles on my coat. My coat was on the back of my chair. It had been digging into my back the whole time. It was really uncomfortable and quite painful but I had been completely oblivious during the hypnosis. I had clearly reached a place of deep relaxation. Like when you are laid on your arm and it’s got numb but you are totally unaware, until you fully wake up.

The therapist asked me how long I thought the hypnosis had lasted. I thought about 20 mins. It had been 45 minutes!

I definitely felt a sense of relaxation during the session and rejuvenation afterwards.

It worked for me and I will being going back to the sessions in future.

This was a drop in group session so it wasn’t tailored to the individual issues. The aim was general relaxation.

I’m now wondering if self hypnotherapy CD’s/downloads could also be beneficial.

Over to you – Have you tried hypnotherapy? How did you find it? Did it help you?


7 thoughts on “Trying Out Hypnosis – Allowing Tension to Melt Away

  1. My psychiatrist insists on trying to hypnotize me for relaxation at my monthly drop in. This has been going on now for almost 10 years and he has yet to get me anywhere near a state of altered reality or relaxation or hypnosis. Unfortunately, it’s become somewhat of a joke. I’m glad it worked for you.

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