A Wish or a Weed. Dandelion Time

image_1The dandelion clock is one of nature’s works of art. All the tiny seeds formed together to make a majestic dandelion cock. With a simple gust of wind the seeds can be blown far and wide on a journey to a new destination.

I am sure when I am out walking there are dandelions all over, just being dandelions, doing what dandelions do. I don’t even register their existence.

I was out walking with my dog when I spotted this dandelion clock. I felt inspired to capture it with my camera before the wind took it away.

The dandelion seems to have the capacity to grow and thrive in so many different environments on polluted roadsides, in crowded city centres, in the wilderness of the the countryside and in ‘neglected’ gardens across the land. This determined, hardy plant can even grow through concrete. The dandelion is resilient.  The dandelion is a survivor.

Neil Bromhall has captured the beauty of the humble dandelion in these fantastic time lapse videos.

Time lapse Dandelion flower to seed head by Neil Bromhall 

Dandelion flower and clock blowing away by Neil Bromhall

I remember being told as a child not to pick dandelions because they make you wet the bed. This idea stems from the idea that dandelion leaves are known to be diuretic. A diuretic is something that removes fluid from your body.


The dandelion is recognised for it’s medicinal properties for cleansing the body. There’s lots of information out there suggesting the possible health benefits – digestion, immune system, urinary system and the skin. As much as I love dandelion and burdock, the fizzy drink variety, i don’t think that counts. Dandelion tea is commonly available but it can taste a bit bitter. I’ve found some tea, which I am looking forward to trying. If I can find in my local shops.

If I am fortunate enough to see one of the dandelion seeds floating through the air on its journey, I feel a desire to reach out and hold the ‘fairy’ in between my cupped hands and through a small gap whisper to the fairy my wish before releasing it and sending it on it’s way. I don’t think I will ever grow out of the desire of make a wish on the wind.

10429482_774624772634503_7659912023134204407_nPhoto source: Fantasy Wire

I remember blowing on the dandelion cock and counting to tell the time. I haven’t managed to find out where this idea stems from. I’d love to know if anyone out there knows where this idea comes from.

The dandelion clock may not be the most effective way to tell the time. But maybe nature’s clock has something different to tell us about time.

After all there are different ways to go about telling the time – some will take a depth breath in and use one big puff, others will gently blow watching each seed release into the wind.

For some of us the seeds of our time will blow away to far off places, for others they will rest close by. The seeds of time may reach high into the sky or drift along close to the earth. We never quite know where our dandelion time will take us.

Dandelion clocks go differently with different people so to does our time.

What you choose to see is all a matter of perspective.
What do you see a wish or a weed?


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