10 Reasons Now is the Time To Blog


Blogging has been around for yonks, so why have I decided that now is the time to travel to blog land and become a blogger?

1. Blogging it a great tool – There are some things I want to do in my life and some changes I want to make. C’mon, who doesn’t? Using a blog is a tool to help with this. Having a blog is a way to give your life some structure and focus.

2. Do it now or you might just never do it – I have thought about blogging for a while but never really done anything with it. There’s a bit of a space in my life at the moment so I’m grabbing the moment and doing it now. Just get on with it.

3. It’s new challenge – My brain needs something constructive and meaningful. This one is free, portable easily accessible (the challenge, not my brain).

4. Use that creativity and imagination – we’ve all got stuff going on in our heads, admittedly some of it needs to stay there (or go away somewhere else). But I reckon there’s some good stuff in there too just waiting for an outlet.

5. Develop a new skill – I’ve already learnt loads about the blogging world and I will keep on learning. I chose wordpress.com because it’s so well used and you can use the support guide. I think I’m getting there. There is more to the techy stuff than I first thought though – who knew widgets were so important!

6. There’s a sense of achievement (hopefully) – if my blog helps me in cultivating my time, I will definitely feel a sense of achievement. If it helps me turn some of my passions into a lived reality, I will be tickety boo.

7. Think less and reflect more – okay I know that doesn’t make much sense but I know what I mean, even if no one else does (not helpful on a blog, I know). I want less busy, busy thinking, “I should do this, I don’t want to do that, what will I do if ………. happens?”. Let’s make some room for other stuff in my head like “What’s the difference between existing and living?” or maybe something easier to begin with like “Why is cheese so addictive?”

8. Have greater awareness – I reckon having a blog will make me look at the world with new eyes. If nothing else I will be looking at my life for things that are blog worthy. I hope I will learn to appreciate life in new ways.

9. Someone out there might just like what I’ve done, they might even comment – bonus!

10. Meet new people in the land of blog and be inspired by others – I’m looking forward to meeting other bloggers and fellow blog followers.

New friends welcome

Introduce yourself


7 thoughts on “10 Reasons Now is the Time To Blog

  1. Hi I came across your blog as I have just start blogging myself and wanted to see what others are doing and how they are doing it. There is a lot to learn and sometimes I get frustrated of how much information is already out there and what can I contribute to the blogging world, until I realized that we are all unique and even if there is only one person that will read what I have to say or share and can make a difference to their life ..that’s all there is to it, than this is what it is…..since then I continue to share and do what I love doing writing, connecting and sharing to – for – with other heart energy beings.

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    • Thank you Gabriele. Yes, there is a massive blogging world out there. We are all unique and we all have something worthwhile to contribute. It’s a great way to find and connect with others. Wishing you all the best with your blog.


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